What is Thrivability? *

Thrivability is the capacity to sustain long-term, organizational health, well-being, and prosperity.  It is based on a complex system of many processes and factors that work systematically and synergistcally.  One of the underpinnings of thrivability is the focus on long-term integrative solutions rather than quick fixes.

Thrivability: Benefits to You *


Our Approach: Transformative Results vs. Quick Fixes *

As thrivability consultants, we believe in the power of transformative results, not quick fixes.  Frequently, quick fixes backfire at some point resulting in more problems and ineffective use of resources.   Sometimes organizations need to do a quick fix first, but sooner or later they will  need to address the deeper, underling cause(s) for more sustainable,  transformational solutions.

Is your organization merely surviving or is it thriving? *

The greater the stress within your organization, the greater the likelihood your organization is just surviving, if not failing.  Stress comes from a lack of one or more critical resources and qualities needed for organizational success.

Those resources and qualities include:

  • money
  • information
  • planning
  • leadership
  • transparency
  • communication
  • adaptability
  • motivation
  • expertise & skills
  • policies
  • procedures
  • budgets
  • collaboration
  • commitment
  • follow-through
  • teamwork
  • manpower
  • materials & equipment
  • space
  • time

If any one of these resources or qualities is lacking, stress will be the first symptom.  Fears and tensions will arise.  Burnout will increase.

Your organization is thriving if it utilizes all of these resources and qualities effectively to meet its mission-based goals. All of these resources and qualities work synergistically. Even just improving one area can lead to a positive impact on many or all of the other areas.

We can help you THRIVE by identifying exactly which leverage points will bring your organization the most expedient maximum improvement.  

We believe that the best model for thriving is offered to us by nature itself.   Through the course of 3.8 billion years of research and development, nature has figured out exactly how organisms must develop in order to thrive.  We need only examine a healthy organism to see that it is healthy as the result of a well-defined process that 1) is governed by a set of qualities or principles and 2) efficiently utilizes a complex system of resources.   We see that each component in a growing and thriving organism represents, or is a metaphor for, organizational needs.  Seeing nature as a model is a paradigm shift that is not only revolutionary in its approach, but already proven effective by organizations who have successfully implemented one or more of nature’s guiding principles.

Rita Sterling and Yolaine Stout of TransformativeResults.com have translated nature’s sophisticated process and system into a powerful assessment tool that not only identifies exactly WHAT is most affecting your organization’s ability to thrive, but WHERE and HOW to begin.

Beginning with a solid plan or blueprint to thrive in the proper environment, growth in nature proceeds along a well-defined sequential process.   Step by step, it gradually acquires and utilizes available internal and external resources and qualities – all along adapting to resource constraints or availability.  Growth becomes increasingly exponential.  If a step in the process is missing or inadequate, all of the following steps will be affected, leading to ineffectiveness and stress.  The organization begins to struggle to survive.

 Our FREE and EASY, obligation free, Thrivability Assessment reveals all the steps to obtain the resources and qualities your organization needs.   It will help you identify the greatest points of leverage to achieve thrivability.  

After you take the assessment, hire us.  With nature as a model– we design tools, develop strategies, and help you implement those points of leverage to your greatest advantage.  You’ll be well on your way to thrivability!

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Thrivability: Benefits to You

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