What is meant by “Understanding Self & Others”? *

People are multi-faceted. We really can’t say he’s always like “this” or she’s always like “that”.   If we think of people as a diamond that has many facets, i.e. many sides, then we can begin to understand some of the many aspects of ourselves and others.  Personality style tests and brain style tests are only as good as the help they give us in the following:

  • Knowing better how to communicate with someone
  • Being more tolerant and accepting of our differences
  • Understanding and honoring boundaries (yours and theirs)
  • Knowing what approach to take in working through conflict and giving constructive feedback
  • Determining if you want to hire someone and/or include them on your team.
  • Knowing who you will probably get along with the best and who you need on your team because they have opposing views that can keep a team from group think.

Types of Personality/Brain tests *

MBTI – take the online test at Human Metrics
DISC – take the online test for free at 123Test
Social Styles – take the free test at TrainingOnTarget; see also http://www.tracomcorp.com/solutions/by-element/social-style/model/
Brain Styles (Hermann,Benziger) http://www.benziger.org/)

Sources: *


Rita SterlingUnderstanding Self & Others