What is a “Team Sponsor” *

A team sponsor is either an individual or a group who is accountable for the ultimate success of the team.  They “charter” a team, i.e. they decide the following information and communicate it to the team.  They support the team in a way that allows the team to do most of the team activities by themselves but get involved when their position power and influence is needed.

Team Sponsorship Responsibilities *

  • Believes strongly in the team’s purpose
  • Align’s the team purpose with the organization’s strategy
  • Has a clear vision and an understanding of expectations for the team
  • Communicates scope of the project (what’s in, what’s out) and what decisions need approval first
  • Has taken into consideration the team’s vision of their purpose
  • Helps team address resistance in the organization
  • Authorizes necessary resources (budget, people, data, etc.)
  • Demonstrates commitment to the purpose of the team
  • Assigns the right people to the team; identifies others who need to be kept informed
  • Addresses performance management incentives to reward accomplishments
  • Clarifies deliverables (decisions, proposals, designs, reports), measures of success, milestones, and deadlines
  • Removes barriers for the team
  • Engages in periodic reviews of progress
  • Helps team determine priorities


Once the sponsor has engaged in the above activities, the team fills out their Team Charter and reviews it with input from the sponsor(s) at the first status meeting.


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